In Crete, at this blessed land, man and bees are working together for centuries, producing uniquely tasty and thyme honey. Melopeion Fylladitakis appreciates and honors the Cretan tradition of beekeeping, by producing 100% pure, 100% organic honey of our childhood memories.



Melopeion Fylladitakis is a Cretan family business of beekeeping and production of organic thyme honey for the last 50 years. The business has a strong presence in its sector, thanks to consistently distributing products of premium quality to the market. The uncompromised quality of the products over time, is based upon the primary raw material of our blessed land and the commitment of the producers to efficiently capitalize upon the wisdom of tradition together with today’s know-how.

Pavlos Fylladitakis, 2nd generation beekeeper, was brought up with this uncompromised philosophy and while steering the wheel of the family business, he aims to continue to produce thyme honey of premium quality, by only applying traditional methods of production.


A Cretan family business of beekeeping and production of organic thyme honey for the last 50 years.



Honey constitutes one of the basic ingredients (category super food) of the internationally acclaimed, Cretan nutrition, whose value is mentioned in a wide range of bibliography. It is rich in vitamins and trace elements, it concentrates many nutrients and is a fast source of energy for the body. Thyme honey holds a pre-eminent position among the different types of honey that are found in the market. It is an intensely aromatic honey, with light bright color, exceptionally pleasant taste with numerous healing properties. Thanks to its premium quality, it boosts the body and helps maintaining the immune system, in good condition.


It crystallizes within a period of 6 to 18 months since its production, depending upon its quality and the conditions under which it is being preserved. In Greece, thyme honey is considered the best category of pure honey and is has a high demand around the world. A necessary prerequisite for its rich and pure taste, as well as for the maintenance of all of its nutrients, is the consistency of applying traditional methods of production. And that is the evident secret of Melopeion Fylladitakis, which ensures, every year, organic honey of premium quality.